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Choose what kind of relaxation exercise or guided meditation you are looking for. Some audiobooks are listed in more than one category. Once you have selected a category, you will be able to filter books by language.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations is the category name for meditations that are like a story.  Most meditations are guided imagery meditations, meaning that you imagine sound, smells

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Loving Kindness

Below you can see all my Loving Kindness meditations. Filter by language to see meditations in your preferred language only. Share on facebook Share on

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For Beginners

 The products listed below are extra good for beginners. However, none of the relaxation exercises and meditations presented on this site are difficult and are

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For Kids

The meditations and relaxation exercises in this category have been written especially for children. Below you will see all audiobooks in this category. Choose the

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For Sleep

No audiobooks are currently available that fit into this category. There are, however, books in production.  The audiobooks for sleep are divded into two categories.

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