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Welcome to the official website of Sophie Grace Meditations. Sophie Grace is a Swedish certified meditation instructor who has been producing guided meditations as audiobooks and digital alums in both Swedish and English for several years. She often adjusts meditation techniques and mix and match different ones rather than sticking to a strict model.

Are you already using a streaming service such as Spotify or Apple Music? Good news! You can listen to Sophie Grace Meditations through the service you are already using without any additional costs. Do you prefer buying digital music? No, problem. You can also buy the meditations on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

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Each meditation and relaxation exercise is presented in the Products section. The meditations are grouped into categories depending on what type of exercise they are . The sections are breathing exercises, body scans, guided imagery meditations, and muscle and general relaxation exercises.

Meditations and Relaxation exercises for everyone

As you will see in the Product section, Sophie Grace Meditations has recorded multiple guided meditation and relaxation exercises. Sophie draws inspiration from many different meditation techniques and does not shy away from mixing different meditation techniques and creating her own.

A lot of people believe that meditation is a New Age-thing or something religious or spiritual and that it is the same thing as mindfulness. That is not the case. Mindfulness is a way of thinking and being, originating in Buddhism, and is not synonymous with meditation. Furthermore, people have been meditating for centuries - millennia probably - it is not something new. It is true that a lot of people who practice meditation do have an interest in spirituality, religion and New Age, but you do not have to. Meditations by Sophie Grace Meditations will never have a religious content or aim for spiritual development. Sophie Grace Meditations' exercises are produced for people who want to meditate to relax, nothing more or less. Since people have different needs and interest and process information differently, meditation is not a one-size-fits all kind of practice. Therefore Sophie will never commit to just one technique and never stop working to come up with a variety of interesting guided meditations and relaxation exercises so that everyone can find something for them.

Sophie Grace Meditations' YouTube Channel

Sophie Grace Meditations has a YouTube channel where those of you that do not use a streaming service or want to buy the guided meditations or relaxation exercises can listen to them for free - after a short ad.

Blog and Social Media

In the blog section Sophie blogs about her guided meditations, meditation techniques, and meditation research. She also likes to write about behavioral sciences and health and well-being in general,  and will regularly recommend books, lectures, TED-talks, and articles. 

Sophie Grace Meditations also uses social media to share news about her guided meditations and connect with listeners. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.